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I practice fine art photography on various subjects. Painting with the light and the colors of nature, almost all effects are created when taking...

More about me

Here is an overview of my artwork, currently with 5 pieces in my collection. My artwork consists of photography.

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2016 - 2017

Permanent Exhibition by Médoc-Art

St. Vivien de Médoc

1992 - 1993

Permanent Exhibition

Altstadtgalerie, Saarbrücken, Germany


Online Photo exhibition "Eveil du printemps"

St. Vivien de Médoc


Weekend exhibition in Saint-Yzans-de-Médoc



Online Photo exhibition on "Edge of Humanity Magazine"

Edge of Humanity Magazine


Photo Book Yoga au soleil


1986 - to date

Photographic development process

At the age of 16 years I discovered the images from Doisneau, Brassai, Ronis, Hamilton, Sieff and other famous photographers. I bought a single lens reflex camera, a photo lab and learnt to develop photos, tried out the different films and experimented. Exposure, focal length, point of view, moment, distance, film delicacy, lighting conditions, a variety of factors that make up a picture. In the beginning of the 2000s disappeared many of the good films of the market. A very big incision in the photography. Since 2004 I take a photo digitally without automatic and without camera image processing with light-strong objectives exclusively in the RAW-format. I develop the pictures like in analogous times, but now digitally. Almost all effects already originate with the admission of the picture without digital manipulation.